(...) the last thing you could say about the performance of the Orkiestra Historyczna led by the concertmaster Martyna Pastuszka, is that it is monotonous: seven instrumentalists played with much freshness and momentum. (...)
Guido Krawinkel, Bonner General-Anzeiger

?(...) A truly interesting moment came at the end of the concert with the performance of Telemann?s Quartett G-dur (?); the stylistic contrast to the preceding suite was striking and shed light on the stylistic diversity of Telemann?s ouvre as well as on the uniquely colourful and refined performance of Orkiestra Historyczna."
Guido Krawinkel, Bonner General-Anzeiger

(...) I hope that more Polish cities will be able to hear the {oh!} soon and sigh in admiration for their music. Therefore: Orkiestra Historyczna! Please, give us more!
Agnieszka Nowok, Ruch Muzyczny

Oh, what an orchestra have we got! (...) They showed real class. After all, its members are musicians of not only national but also European renown. (...) Their Vivaldi, Veracini and Bach were marvelous. (...)
Łukasz Kałębasiak, Gazeta Wyborcza, Katowice

It is pleasing to assist at the birth of an ensemble which has been an ensemble from the very beginning, and that is masterful indeed. (...).
Dorota Szwarcman

(...) The Orkiestra Historyczna showed its class both during the instrumental part of the concert as well is in the role of accompaniment to the vocal soloist. (...)
Bożena Gieburowska


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