04. 10. 2016

{oh!} Praga - Arminio tournée
Modern stage premiere of J. A. Hasse's opera Arminio performed by {oh!} Orkiestra Historyczna: the dynamically developing ensemble from Katowice specialising in historically informed performance. The work will be performed in its stage version for the first time in at least 150 years. The premiere of Arminio, composed by Johann Adolf Hasse, who was the royal composer at the Polish King and Elector of Saxony August II the Strong's court, took place in Milan in 1730. Revised editions of this opera were performed occasionally in 1747 and 1753. The work was also staged in Warsaw in a theatre called Operalnia in 1761, during a magnificent period for music in our country: a time when musical life in Poland flourished thanks to the royal patronage of August the Second. {oh!} Orkiestra Historyczna represented by Dominika Małecka, a violinist, music theorist and {oh!} member, undertook the task of recreating the work from the sole existing manuscript score dating back to 1753. Thanks to her work, the opera will reappear on stage 300 years after its completion and at least 150 years since its last performance. The turbulent fortunes of the ancient Germanic hero Arminio are presented by seven personages played by soloists from Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic. The main roles will be rendered by two magnificent singers of European renown: the Czech soprano Marketa Cukrova and the Polish tenor Karol Kozłowski. The scenic design of the production has been entrusted to the exceptionally talented Czech director, Marek Mokoš, who is a graduate of the Opera Staging department of the Leoš Janaček Academy of Music in Brno. After its premiere in Gliwice, the opera will also be presented to audiences in Prague and Ostrava, thanks to the support of the City of Gliwice and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.
Art in Motion Society
The aim of the society is to promote early music and the projects of the first Silesian orchestra specialising in historically informed performance and one of the most interesting early music ensembles in Poland: {oh!} Orkiestra Historyczna, founded by violinist Martyna Pastuszka and manager Artur Malke. The society organises and co-organises numerous concerts in Poland and abroad, starring such magnificent soloists as Olga Pasichnyk, Marilia Vargas, Kai Wessel, Julien Chauvin, Alexis Kossenko, Lars Ulrik Mortensen.??Hudebni Lahudky Society
The non-profit organisation Hudebni Lahudky (Musical Delicatessen) is a group of people united by the desire to broaden the cultural offer in the Czech Republic, particularly by early music repertoire. The society, led by lutist and musicologist Jan Čižmář, aims at raising the listeners' awareness of music history by means of organising concerts, workshops and programmes for children, dedicated to early music and historically informed performance. Hudebni Lahudky cooperate with many foreign partners, realising the largest early music concert cycle in the Czech Republic, which hosts a large number of ensembles and soloists of international renown.??Producers: Art in Motion Society, Hudebni Lahudky Society
Co-producer: The City of Gliwice
Partners: The Slovak Institute, Czech Centre
J. A. Hasse's Arminio Tour 2016 is cofinanced by the Ministry of Culture in the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in Poland
?Modern world stage premiere
Johann Adolf Hasse (1699-1783): opera Arminio?libretto: Giovanni Claudio Pasquini